Turnbuckle - Dry Your Wetsuits! 
Turnbuckle - Dry Your Wetsuits! (Album)
01: Mama Used To Say
02: Let's Groove
03: She's A Bad Mama Jama
04: Let's Go Round Again
05: Super Freak
06: Too Tight
07: Ai No Corrida
08: Long Train Runnin'
09: On The Beat
10: Celebration
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Mai Tai Song Masaha
Masaha - Mai Tai Song (single)
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Masaha Papa44
Masaha - PAPA44 (Single)
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Ukulele Santa
ukulele santa hibiscus christmas tree hawaiian hawaii album 
Ukulele Santa - Hibiscuses' Christmas Tree
01: Hibiscuses' Christmas Tree
02: When The Saints Go Marchin' In
03: Adeste Fideles
04: Silent Night
05: Deck The Halls
06: Ukulele Santa's Lullaby
07: Jingle Bells
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Cocogrunge - R30 Rocks 
01: Sweet Child O'Mine
02: Come as You Are
Cocogrunge - Harmony On the Beach 
01: Heart of Coconuts
02: Hibiscuses' Christmas Tree
03: Malama
04: Maitai Song (A Tropical Queen)
05: Hibiscuses' Christmas Tree (English Version)
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